WIN A Traeger Pro Series 575 with WiFire

WIN A Traeger Pro Series 575 with WiFire

Become The Talk Of The Neighborhood

Become The Talk Of The Neighborhood

Why Enter With

When I started this website I noticed many other sites offering similar giveaways but through strange somewhat selfish means of entry.

These companies typically will charge $1 per entry through heavily encouraged sales of their own products/merchandise, thus resulting in those companies profiting further from the upcharge of those products as well as the giveaways, While your opportunity to win stays as relative as your invoice. On average to be able to have $100 fair entries on these websites you must spend $100 on their self labeled merchandise that truly only helps that website's brand grow rather than proper attention and aid to the paired charity.


Here at I look to excel above this remedial self back scratching model and by simply allowing entries to be purchased at a fair price thus even more greater chances of becoming a winner, Without having to order ten T-shirts or frivolous goods to reach the same opportunity of entries.

Due to not having an inventory of self labeled merchandise I do not worry about product overhead, thus resulting in the difference going towards greater advertising reach and thus increasing the chances of possible donations at the end of each giveaway opportunity.

We don't hide behind beards here and flashy Merchandise, simply choose your entry point, sit patiently knowing you didn't have to buy ten T-shirts for the same entry points while helping the amazing chosen charity of the giveaway. giveaways $10.00 = 100 Entries

Their Giveaways $1.00 = 1 Entry(Must Spend $100 for the same chances)

Our Brand may not be as massive and recognizable as the others, but we truly believe time will show and prove our legitimacy instead of pushing merchandise to expand the brand from leaving it as the only option to enter the giveaways.

Questions? We actually answer back! Email: 

Past Win-Ders

Over $2,000 Was Donated Directly To the St. Jude Foundation

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