Wooby: There are many kinds of bottle racks in the market, but have you found any that can cool and at the same time play your favorite music? Made of medium density plastic, it adapts perfectly to all types of exteriors, withstanding temperatures of - 45 to + 55ºC without suffering any alteration in shape or color. Its manufacturing process makes it a light object but high impact resistance, so we do not have to worry about its maintenance. To facilitate its movement, it incorporates an elegant and comfortable leather handle (100% vegan) resistant to liquids and weather. It has COOLER incorporated, a champanera made of aluminum (stainless) that favors cooling. You can buy this bottle rack with the PLAY: light & music option. This finish incorporates a powerful 10W speaker that connects to any device via Bluetooth connection and remote control.

WOODY Drink holder & Speaker

SKU: woody425865171

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