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More often than not we leave home and then realise our phone batteries won’t last the whole day. This has given rise to a valuable life lesson. Never depart from home without a portable phone power supply! Now imagine one that is sleek, stylish, and most importantly, personalised. These power banks are a necessity for anyone with devices that could use charging on the go. (And isn’t that about everyone?) The flat surface and compact design of these power banks allow them to fit easily into a purse or pocket which makes them ridiculously portable. Having a name engraved makes it more classy and harder for people to borrow it without returning. You can carry it with pride!
We have three types of power banks:
• 2500mAh battery - one full charging of phone. Size 96x61x7mm, like a credit card. • 4000mAh battery which is up to two full chargings of your phone. Size 115x67x9mm. • 8000mAh battery – three full charging of phone. Size 118x67x16mm. Can charge two devices at the same time.
Our power banks fit perfectly in your pocket or bag because of their slim design. 1A-2A output makes the charging super fast. Mix & match with cases in similar models to make your outfit complete.
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Marble Charging Station Power Bank

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