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Ho does it work? Quite easy, simply place your device on the wireless charger to recharge.
A quick review of product features:
Smart Identification - Once your device is discovered to support-fast charge, it is automatically activated by the built-in smart chip. Multi-layered protection - This feature provides multiple safety protections including FOB, high-temperature protection, overcharge protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection Also available is the Quick Wireless charger for iPhone and Android phones that support wireless charging (compatible with Qi protocol) High efficiency - Not only does your device charge without having to use a cord, but it also does charge your device very quickly It could charge your phone very fast with up to 75% conversion rate. 8 mm induction range -. With this induction range, you do not have to worry about your case. Even while the case is installed, the wireless charging works just fine. Energy saving -Not only does overcharge protection protect your device, but it also saves energy Portability - This wireless charger is very slim (5mm thickness), portable and lightweight (60g). Size - 100mm (Diameter)
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Geometric Minimalist Art iPhone Charger

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