Product Category : Hair Straightener
Applicable hair: wet and dry
Thermal conductor material: tourmaline ceramic
Thermal conductor diameter:: 16MM-20MM
Temperature control adjustment: 10 segments
Best modeling time: 3-5 minutes

Use of straight hair combs:

1 Apply the same scalp as the normal comb, and make the hair smooth and shiny.
2 After use, please put the combs up or directly on the table to prevent and reduce the wear of the comb.
3 Wash the brush teeth with a toothbrush and dilute the soapy water every week, then rinse with clear water and dry at room temperature.
4 After using the angel to apply any product to the hair, immediately rinse the comb with warm water, dry it, or blow it with a hair dryer. This is also a feature.
1. Plug in the power supply FND to display the word "OFF", in standby mode (no heat)
2, gear display: Fahrenheit 250 265 285 300 320 340 355 375 390 410 430 450
Celsius 120 130 140 150 160 170 180 190 200 210 220 230
3, often press the key for 2 seconds, the machine is turned on, FND display gear position is 355 (180 ° C) Fahrenheit, FND display gear position began to flash, the machine began to heat. After three flashes, stop flashing and FND displays the real-time temperature value until the temperature reaches the selected gear.
4. Use the “+” and “-” buttons to select different gear positions.
5, often press the key for 2 seconds, shut down, the machine is in standby (FND shows "OFF")
6. When the button 4S is not operated, it will automatically lock and the button will be invalid. At this time, when the button is operated, the FND will display the word “LOC” momentarily, and release the button to display the selected gear position.
7. Press “+” and “open key” at the same time, it will unlock;
Press "-" and "open key" at the same time, it will unlock;
Press "Open Key" 2 times within 1 second to unlock.
8. This machine has a memory function: when the power plug is not unplugged (standby state), the power is turned on again to display the gear position when the

power is turned off and stopped. If the power plug is unplugged and the memory function is disabled, the power-on heating display position is 355.
9. Press the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time. The FND display can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius display.
10. Automatically shut down after 30 minutes of power-on state, in standby mode. The word "OFF" is displayed.







Electric Beard Hair Straightener Wet & Dry

SKU: straight-hair-comb-ceramic-sha680890375

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