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 Kyle Winder 

 Founder & Operator 

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- Born and raised in brick, New Jersey

- Graduated Old Brick Township Highschool in 2012

- Played Football, wrestled and lacrosse for about 14 years.

- Pushing skateboards and BMX

- Avid gamer on rainy days and school nights

- Jack of all trades, have worked many different jobs until falling in love with the art of butchery

- Passion for cooking, smoking BBQ, butchery, almost any and every kind of old/new techniques in the culinary world.

- Truly love and enjoy helping people with cooking advice, tips, tricks and complete recipes

- Vicariously found I love helping people in general and was looking for ways to help and give back on a larger scale.

- Created WinderFullLife.com in early 2020 looking to help change peoples lives and give back as much as possible.

- Help me make your life WinderFull.

What We Believe In

- Living in today's day and age you cant help but come across a plethora of luring and enticing brands/products. It is easy to become overwhelmed or wooed by today's advertising and culture to be pushed or unfortunately deceived into getting a Grade A product, only to receive otherwise. Being a student while working a culinary trade on top of being a passionate hobbyist, I have came across countless products, brands, tools and services. We all know what its like to live within a budget and also need things for work, school and everything else on top of daily necessities. Few things are worse than ordering a item, for it only to show up sub-par to your expectations, so I created WinderFullLife to bring forward only items I personally would purchase,endorse and show my family/friends. We push to only have top of the line tested and tried products and brands. Have piece of mind that everything here you can shop for on our websites or enter in for our giveaways, will be top notch and thee highest quality.

- WinderFullLife.com also believes in Great Karma and even more in being a decent person. Using our social platform and website we hope to be able to reach thousands to millions of great people trying to help change others through charity and Donations. Aspiring to make this experience as much fun and wholesome as possible, giving away amazing opportunities and really awesome items to raise funds to even better foundations and charities.

Where Your Money Goes

Here at WinderFullLife we try to be optimistic all the time and set an example for those around us, as everyone should try to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. With so many charity's and foundations going on in the world you cant help but to feel like we are going in a amazing direction. Sadly, most of these charities and foundations do not receive the help that they truly need to accomplish their mission. Due to that, we have done a great deal of observing, research, and trying to understand why this happens in today's society. With all this technology, marketing/advertising opportunities readily available for these Charities to get the reach and attention they properly need. During our research we have found several instances of For-Profit Companies/Charities where the work they provide truly does exponentially surpass previous models of charitable Methods to be able to raise funds for foundations. Here at WinderFullLife we recognize this model as something that will incredibly boost fundraising for Charities and foundations. Applying the same For-Profit Charity model we strive to use every tool of Advertising and marketing to have the largest reach possible to provide proper utilization of Donations while also providing a fun/soulful rewarding experience that could be life changing for yourself, a charity or even someone else's life in need. We know this is a strange new concept and we will always be %100 fully transparent with what/who and where the donations funds go to. If you ever have any questions please feel free to email us or use any of our social media platforms. 

Remember to Live your Life WinderFully!

For Giveaway charity donations/Entries, $0.50 of every $1.00 received from this purchase will go towards the organization of choosing. The remaining $0.50 is used to cover the fees associated with the giveaway such as the shipping cost, website fees ,employee compensation, Donation processing fees & marketing/advertising

costs used to raise awareness for said charity's great cause.

We cannot thank and praise you enough for allowing us and yourself to help amazing charities and peoples lives directly with WinderFullness.

All third party names, Chart, Graphs & trademarks are the property of their respective owners and are solely used for demonstrative purposes.

If you wish to have your images removed please contact us at Kylewinder@WinderFullLife.com

Point to Shoot Shopping

Point To Shoot Shopping can easily be explained as 1,2,3. we list the products left to right based off merit,value and quality. Simply imagine your #1 item/Product which would be furthest left in the group column, that is your "once a blue moon use."

The middle Item/Product will represent the "Weekend Warrior" or "casual hobbiest", As the third Item/Product should be looked at as the " I work in this industry and need the best" option or simply "professional level/ Commercial Grade".

Why Shop With Us

Here at WinderFullLife.com we strive to find and bring forward nothing but simply thee best curated collection of tried/tested true to claims of excellence. We search high and low for high quality made products and brands that truly fit the definition of having zero buyers remorse, we want you to have piece of mind that coming here to shop our middle man website you can easily point and shoot shop without being overwhelmed by countless of the same products, with having confidence you are deciding on the best one. let us eliminate that overwhelming sense of information/Brand overload by only listing 3-5 of properly vetted and cleared products. Here you can easily decide which product speaks truly to your needs and budget, knowing anything you order will be fully worth what you spend and will outweigh its cost in value/Quality.

* Please Note: We Are A Affiliation Company, So You Will Be Redirected To The Products Host Site To Make Purchases, Do Not Fear Or Be Alarmed. This Is Perfectly Safe And Fine, We Do This Simply To Avoid Unnecessary Extra billing Fees For Relisting On Our End To Save You Money On Your End, Also While Putingt You In Direct Contact With Said Companies.

 Let us do the   research   while you can   enjoy our point   to shoot    shopping style 

We strive to make online shopping as easy as possible. So we created our Point to Shoot  Shopping Style. Here at WinderFullLife.com you will find that we have concisely listed essential no bull Products in order of Entry Level, Weekend Warrior to Commercial/Professional.  

Products we Tested, Own, Or Want.

We take our time, test, review, scour for proper information on anything you see here on our site. Please know any product on our page is worth its weight in quality and craftsmanship.  We want you to have piece of mind anything on this site has been properly vetted and tested, We stand by all products and will not upload anything we personally would not endorse or allow friends/family to use.

Contact & Customer Help: Kylewinder@WinderFullLife.com

Toms River, New Jersey, 08753, United States of America.

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